This mom went in for an impromptu sonogram and was delighted with what she saw. It looked like her unborn daughter was swinging from her umbilical cord! While many moms get the opportunity to feel their babies kick, not many get to watch their baby perform gymnastics in the womb.
Though this is the first time I've seen a baby up to that much activity in the womb, it's not the first time I've seen a baby doing something different. Previously, a sonogram captured a baby giving a thumbs up in the womb. It seems like a positive sign and many people associate it with the signature move of the Fonz. Others have captured their babies sucking their thumb, though they hope it won't become a recurring habit. 

Check out this video and enjoy watching this fetus have a little fun before coming out of the womb. It is crazy what these babies can get up to! Share any other fun sonogram moments in the comments below.